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Instrument and Bow Sales:

Fine quality violins, violas, cellos and bows in all price ranges are available for sale. Since individual preference and body types differ, much time is spent matching the player with exactly the right instrument.

Bow re-hairs are performed quickly using only the best top quality hair for all of his clients

Instruments on Consignment: 

Instruments are accepted to be sold on consignment. Through a wide network of players, collectors and other shops, a buyer can be matched with your instrument or bow.


Insurance Appraisals:

Included at no charge with the purchase of an instrument or bow.

Appraisal updates available for a flat rate fee.


Instrument Repairs:

Expert repairs performed on violins, violas and cellos. Skillful sound post adjustments bring your instrument to its full tonal potential.

Instrument Restorations:

A refined and systematic approach to the craft of instrument restoration will bring your instrument to its original splendor without sacrificing its integrity or tone.



Accessories are available including strings, dampits, chin rests, cases, bows, rosin, mutes, pitch pipes, and more.

Book Richard Gagliardi, Northern New Jersey, for all of your maintenance, restoration and conservation of violins, violas and cellos needs.

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