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Feature - Dennis McCaigue

After graduating from the Violin Making School of America, Mr. McCaigue went on to do all aspects of fine repairs and restorations with the following respected violin shops having collectively committing to a 20 year time span.  During that time, Mr. McCaigue had the opportunity to examine, study and photograph many historical instruments made by the great makers of the past.  

The Vancouver Violin Shop

Bein and Fushi Inc.

Daniel E. Draley

Peter Paul Prier Inc.

Hans Weisshaar Inc.

Geigenbau Machold, Zurich

William Harris Lee

Peter Zaret

Morris & Smith / J & A Beare, Dallas

Mr. Dennis McCaigue is a master violin maker who specializes in models from the great originals such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Presenda, and Testore among others. His instrument restorations are also of the finest quality and workmanship. Mr. McCaigue's antique copies are very well made with warmth, flair and an incredibly high sound quality. His new instruments are of the finest quality of workmanship and sound of any modern maker seen thus far. 

Students as well as professionals from the US and abroad have warmly received his instruments. I've received numerous testimonials raving about the look, feel and sound of the McCaigue instruments. Clients continually marvel at the rich, older quality of sound that comes from these new instruments. A recent purchase of a McCaigue instrument is being played and enjoyed in the NJ Symphony orchestra. 

Testimonials Praising Dennis McCaigue's Instruments

The workmanship of Dennis McCaique's violin is absolutely exquisite, it has such attractive look and playability.  The tone and power is at first rate for a solo instrument, I highly recommend Mr. McCaique's instrument! 

Keng-Yuen Tseng 
Violin Faculty, Peabody Conservatory 
Artistic Director, Evergreen Orchestra

To Mr. Richard Gagliardi                  
Recently, while at the shop of Mr. Gagliardi, I was fortunate to play two violins made by Dennis McCaigue.  One was a copy of the "Arditti" Strad and the other a copy of a Guanerius del Gesu. I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed by the quality of these instruments.  They had power and depth of tone found only in the best of instruments.  Furthermore, the thing that really astounded me was that the "Strad" had all the qualities of a Strad- and the del Gesu all the qualities of a del Gesu!!!

I was so impressed by these instruments that I recommended the Strad copy to my best student-and he bought it! May I say in my career, I have played many of the finest instruments and I think Mr. McCaigue belongs amoung the highest eshelon of violin makers both present and past, and I look foward with great excitement to owning a McCaigue myself!! 

 Franco Gennarelli
 Concertmaster - New York Grand Opera 

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